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Collateral Loans

Luxury Asset Collateral Loans


At Vasco Assets, we pride ourselves in being a premier financial resource for collateral loans.  We accept luxury items such as rare coins, diamonds, gemstones, collectible art, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, precious metals, exotic vehicles, fine watches, and yachts.


We first invite our clients to fill out the forms on our website so our experts can evaluate the asset. Once a value is determined, we will complete a physical inspection at one of our offices.  After an agreement has been reached, we will explain the loan terms, mutually sign the loan agreement, and will issue the funds.


Loans are typically offered for 30-60-90-120 day terms.  The client may redeem the loan at any time before the end of the four (4) month period, and will only be charged for that period of time which has passed. At the end of the loan term, the client may request an extension. If accepted, they will be required to pay all fees from the original agreement and will then be issued a new loan agreement.  The principal amount of the loan and rates will remain the same in most cases, unless the value of the asset has depreciated.  Once we receive repayment of the principal and fees, the asset will be returned.


Licensed by California’s Department of Justice, fee structures are set by the State. However, we only provide a minimum loan of $2,500 and thus rates are negotiable and fall anywhere between 2-10% with an average of 5%.  The fees include operational costs such as bookkeeping, transporting and storing your asset, insuring your asset, and more.  The evaluation is complimentary. Assets are insured by Lloyd’s and Partners, London, England for twice the loan amount, and are stored in secure vaults. For more information on the security measures Vasco takes to protect your assets, please visit Shipping & Storage.

If you have any additional questions about Vasco, please review our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly via live chat on the website, phone at 949.679.2300 or 800.217.7006, or email