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Luxury Vehicles

Valuation of Collector Cars Based on Rarity, Appearance and Condition


There is a distinct differentiation between vehicles Vasco considers to be of “investment quality”-vehicles we may be interested in purchasing, and vehicles we may consider acceptable to secure a collateralized loan. As a rule of thumb, Vehicles of investment quality have inherent rarity characteristics that turn them into collectable assets. Such vehicles include Antique and Classic Vehicle, Exotic Supercars and high end Luxury Cars.

Supercar/Exotic Car refers to a strikingly unusual vehicle both visually and technologically. Exotic cars typically boast the latest in technological achievements, special body and frame compositions, extreme power terrain and engines as well as innovative designs. The limited production and associated cost factor into the rarity of these supercars.

First we grade the mechanical and operational condition of a vehicle’s powertrain and systems. This accounts for signs of wear and tear, missing or malfunctioning parts, etc .


Abnormal Noise / Smoke
Modifications for appearance
Evidence of leaks
Power enhancements
Exhaust System Condition
Transmission and Rear End

Instrumentation / Electrical / Other

Factory / Aftermarket Audio
Factory / Aftermarket Gauges
Good Working Condition
Custom Sound System Enhancements
Wheels (Factory or Aftermarket)
Tires (Indicate size and approx wear)

Trunk /Bed area

Carpet / Mat Condition
Floor Paint condition
Seal rubber
Trunk /TailgateDeck Condn / Alignment
Trunk Deck decals
Vehicle Jack Condition
Trunk TailgateLock Condition

Undercarriage and Chassis

Finish and condition
Evidence of Corrosion
Front & Rear Suspension Operational
Front Brakes Operational
Rear Brakes Operational
Damage to Frame or Unit Body

Second, we grade the aesthetics of a car based on its general visual interior and exterior appearance. This accounts for signs of wear and tear, scratches and any other blemishes.

Exterior and Body

Paint and Finish
Panel Alignment
Bright work and Trim
Paint chips or Scratches

Interior Inspection

Seat Upholstery
Carpet and Kick Panels
Door Trim Panels
Dash / Instruments
Centre Console
Seat Belts