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Jewelry Valuation for Sale, Consignment or Collateral Loan


From an investment standpoint, the monetary value of any item of jewelry is determined by the current market values of its components i.e. precious metals and gems.

Some estate and designer pieces are considered timeless and may possess significant added worth due to demand in collector’s circles.


1. Identify the nature and quality of the assets’ construction materials = Building blocks content and value

2. Establish provenance by identifying period and designer if possible = Possible added Value

Jewelry Appraisal Process

Please note we are fully insured and are accustomed to handling jewelry of great value.

1. We will clean your jewelry, point out needed repairs, and test the metal fineness (i.e., 14k, 18k, Platinum)

2. We will identify your gemstones, measure, estimate weights, grade and plot the stones as required.

3. We will photograph your jewelry.

4. We will gather the information necessary to enable us to prepare the appraisal report as appropriate to its purpose and intended use.

5. When we have finished inspecting, describing and photographing your jewelry, you may take your jewelry home. We may need additional time to research values and prepare your appraisal report, but you and your jewelry do not need to be present.

6. When the report is complete, we will send it to you in a PDF file. Sample report available on request. You may print as many copies as you like. You may also send it to your insurance agent or other appropriate user by e-mail.

Upon completion, you will have an accurate documentation of your jewelry, with an appropriate value, performed by methods that will stand up to scrutiny when it really matters.