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Innovative Collateral Loan Financing & Global Investments


Vasco has two major divisions: Investments and Financing.  The Investment Division specializes in the global trade of luxury tangible assets such as fine art, precious metals and stones, diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches, luxury vehicles to name a few.  The Financing Division provides innovative financial solutions and expedited Secured Loan Services to businesses and individuals.

From the initial professional evaluation of assets through the end outcome, we employ our in-depth understanding of the global jewelry and diamonds markets, our worldwide infrastructure and the numerous potential distribution channels at our disposal. The sum of these factors translates into a maximal loan to value ratio, lowering both risk and liability thus significantly lowering the cost of financing with us. We offer asset-backed loans up to $2,000,000, partnerships, and profit-sharing programs with available 100% financing and zero investment required.

Our team of experts is pleased to offer complimentary initial assessments of items to assist in determining the extent of the required appraisal service.

Your initial consultation with a Vasco advisor is complimentary and will provide you with an idea of how Vasco can help you and the steps to take to get there.

At Vasco Assets, we pride ourselves in being a premier financial resource for collateral loans.  We accept luxury items such as diamonds, exotic vehicles, watches, and more.

Upon appraisal of your item, Vasco may make an offer to purchase.  Our value holds a competitive edge in today’s market in Southern California.